Vegan Cholent

Cholent is truly a Jewish food. Jewish communities around the world prepare it specially for Shabbat, each with its own variation in name and ingredients. Also called dafina or skinha (Morocco) and hamin (Sephardic in general), the common thread of cholent recipe is that is slowly cooked overnight on Friday so that it’s ready for Shabbat lunch. You cannot cook cholent quickly in a microwave or pressure cooker. It is a long cooking process, and like Shabbat, it requires one to slow down from the rapid pace of weekday life. And no matter what goes into it, cholent is usually so hearty and filling that a Shabbat meal can be complete with it and nothing else. Click here to read the full post and get my recipe on the Jewish Food Experience site.


One thought on “Vegan Cholent

  1. So glad to see you are back to food! Let’s take a break. The concert last night was the perfect thing to keep my mind off the tally. It was Yuval Sharon’s production of a John Cage opera, which was a hilarious and at times annoying mash up of many operas, with amazing singers, dancers, scrins and props, performed on a Sony Studios sound stage under the auspices of the LA Phil Fluxus series. Fabulous and crazy!

    Today a young man from Rwanda arrived and is staying with us until Sunday. Very interesting interlude!




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