Rosh Hashana: Apple Galette & a Plant Forward New Year

Apple galette

As we reflect on our own behaviors of the past year during the High Holidays, we must examine the impacts of our food choices. We are living in a world that is experiencing the effects of climate change (1/5 of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from livestock for meat and dairy consumption), the unprecedented burning of the Amazon for livestock grazing and food along with the horrific treatment and killing of farm animals for food (including for kosher slaughter), dwindling freshwater sources and water pollution.

Though these global issues can seem overwhelming and daunting, we are living also in an incredible moment where we have the resources to help to solve these problems, guided by Jewish values and ethics. Judaism challenges us to live to the highest standards, including how and what we eat; bringing more humane and environmentally sensitive plant-based foods to our tables will reduce climate emissions, cut water consumption and protect animals.

Click here for my full post about how to eat a “plant forward” diet in the new year and the recipe for my apple galette, both of which appeared originally on the Jewish Food Experience site.

And if you are looking for more recipe ideas, below are links to more of my Rosh Hashana dishes.

Nina’s apple cake

Stuffed Kabocha Squash (and my article What do Jewish morals have to say about your Rosh Hashana dinner? in Haaretz)

Nina’s Apple Cake

Baked Apples

Sicilian Rosh Hashana pasta e fagioli

Garden of Eden Squash

Black-eyed pea soup

Shana Tova!

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