Purim: Vegan Hamantaschen

Hamantaschen3I seem to be on a desserts stretch the past few posts during Adar 1 & 2! With Purim starting in a couple of days, I assume people are busy preparing their mishloach manot. I hope you enjoy the following recipe for vegan hamantaschen, that I wrote for the Borough Market website. It is a modified version of a recipe that I found on the blog, Musical Assumptions). I filled them with my date paste and strawberry jam recipes.

Vegan hamantaschen ingredients

Vegan hamantaschen ingredients

Vegan Hamantaschen

1 cup flour
generous 1/3 cup sugar (the recipe calls for ½ cup but I reduced it)
1/4 cup olive oil (if olive oil is too strong a flavor for you, try sunflower oil instead)
2-3 Tbsp non-dairy milk
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
Filled with date paste and strawberry jam

1.Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Mix all of the ingredients together, slowly adding the milk last. Knead the dough for a couple of minutes until smooth.
3. Roll the dough out on a floured countertop of board until thin. Cut into circles (use a mug or glass to make the circles in the dough. It should give you enough for about 15 small hamantaschen or 10 larger ones.
4. Place a teaspoon of the filling in the middle of the dough. Fold each into a triangular shape, pinching the corners closed. Place on parchment paper lined tray.
5. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes, until lightly golden. Remove, let cool and enjoy.

Purim Sameach!



17 thoughts on “Purim: Vegan Hamantaschen

  1. Yum, as always your blog makes things look yummy and beautiful. I’ve made hamentaschen once and it was vegan too, but I think I used almond flour or added almond extract which gave it a nice taste. Wish I could try the ones you made.


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