L’Shana Tova: Rosh Hashana Recipes Round-Up



I can’t believe I’m writing my third Rosh Hashana post on Neesh Noosh. I’m not sure what I’ll be writing for the coming year, but do expect more posts from me. I’ve been slowly working on putting things together for a cookbook, which I hope will eventually become a reality. Thank you to all of you for reading the blog and your comments and questions. Below is a round-up of Rosh Hashana recipes that you might want to include at your table. I hope you all have a wonderful Rosh Hashana celebration filled with delicious apples dipped in honey from a local farmer and a year filled with bountiful, healthful local foods. L’Shana tova!

Black Rock Orchard. DuPont Circle Farmers Market. Washington, DC

Black Rock Orchard. DuPont Circle Farmers Market. Washington, DC

Stuffed Squash (originally appeared on Haaretz)

Garden of Eden Squash


Apples and Honey (commentary)

Roasted Perennials (a Sukkot recipe that easily could be eaten on Rosh Hashana this year since the holiday is rather late)

Since I first published this post, I’ve added more Rosh Hashana recipes.

Sicilian Pasta e Fagioli from my Rosh Hashana spent in Siracusa Sicily

Easy Baked Apples



2 thoughts on “L’Shana Tova: Rosh Hashana Recipes Round-Up

  1. Hi Sarah, I was glad to see your name in my inbox. Where are you? In Israel or the US?

    I was also glad to see that you’ve gotten back to your cookbook. I’m still available for help if you’d like it.

    Shabbat shalom, sybil


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