Passover Recipes & Travel

Orange trees are everywhere in Morocco, including train stations.

I spent a couple of years as a bit of a wandering Jew, and a consistent theme in my travels was the need to find some sense of rootedness through local Jewish communities, from Rabat to Rishikesh. Reflecting upon my travels resonates especially as we near Passover. I was not in “exile,” but “on the road” without a home. And, consistently, in all of these wonderful, beautiful and often challenging places, I felt a need to find Jewish communities, sharing precious moments with these strangers, whether a handful of people in Sicily, a single woman in India or dozens in Naples. Yehuda Amichai wrote, “It was not an adventure; it was my life.”

Here are some of my Passover recipes and commentaries over the past couple of years that I hope help you to prepare and celebrate the holiday.

Street in old Jewish area of Siracusa

Passover Treats (stuffed dates)

Rishikesh, Kitachri and Passover 

Septimania and Turron

Nisan: Bless and Sustain (Roasted Fruits and Quinoa)

Ending Slavery in our Food Systems

Liberate Yourself from Industrial Food

PS: check out the resources page on my website to find a wide range of wonderful groups working in both the secular and faith spaces to address hunger, agriculture, animal welfare and many other important issues to get involved with during Pesach and beyond.

PPS: Check out the amazing shmura spelt and wheat matzah from Yiddish Farm

Pesach Sameach!


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